Build rapport with neighbours

Re: “Oak Bay United Church aims to file affordable-housing papers by Friday,” Aug. 2.

I am a neighbour of the Oak Bay United Church and have followed the proposed development closely.

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I have talked to many near neighbours of the church and have yet to meet one who admits to being contacted by the church’s polling company. I wonder if they left the near neighbours out and only canvassed those far enough away that they would not be greatly affected by this proposed project.

Like any developer, the church is looking to place a great number of units on its property. The proposal far exceeds the present community plan and zoning. While I support affordable housing on the site, this has become a size and density issue.

Meaningful dialogue with the neighbours is a must, and I am hopeful that the church will seek out the neighbours. To date, the minister has been silent, letting the paid consultants take the lead. It would be refreshing to see her take a leadership role in this project and build some rapport with the neighbours.

Matt Stooke

Oak Bay

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