April 14: NDP practises LNG deception

Back in the heady days of the new minority government, we rejoiced. The NDP promised environmental stewardship, and the Greens would hold them to it.

Then the disappointments. Our new government reversed its pre-election position by embracing Site C as irreversible work of the B.C. Liberals. All the Liberals’ fault, they bleated.

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Next, they decided to oppose the Trans Mountain pipeline merely by filing a lawsuit seeking judicial permission to protect our environment with no thought of bold, proactive legislation promoting renewable energy sources.

And now this LNG pipeline. The NDP has shown itself joined at the hip with the Liberals to create B.C.’s own fossil-fuel economic sector after previously railing against it.

It’s the ultimate fraud against the voting public. And the province isn’t just an enabler. It will be a co-investor, giving massive tax breaks to attract investors. Weaning ourselves from fossil fuels then will be even harder and further off.

And all of this is being done in the name of jobs. Apparently, mostly for folks who don’t even live in B.C.

It’s time for the Greens to fish or cut bait. The only reason they would not pull the plug on this government if it passes the final LNG legislation is they’ve fallen in love with power and rationalized that it trumps Earth’s health.

Voters deserve a referendum on this NDP/Liberal decision to turn our province into a fossil-fuel profiteer. Show us why we need you, Greens.

Pamela J. Nicholls

Terence F. Colyer


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