After the deer, cull other wildlife

Re: “Oak Bay approves deer cull next year,” Nov. 14.

Oak Bay approves deer cull. Excellent. Pesky wildlife. Let’s not find a way to live with it. Let’s kill it.

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And while we’re at it, what about those raccoons? In my garbage all the time. Think of all the disease. Off with their heads.

And squirrels, too. Most are actually invasive species. Up against the wall.

And, if we are making a list, I would add those seals down at the marina. They are a threat to boaters and I am sure they have all kind of yucky viruses. Plus, they are kind of obese — it would be more humane to euthanize them than have them suffer so.

Seagulls? Certainly. My car will be cleaner. Crows? Why not? I’ll be able to sleep in longer on Sundays.

And once the wildlife is gone, maybe council can look into the viability of a fence around the municipality to keep some of the other undesirables out.

Andrew Wooldridge

Oak Bay

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