25 deer in Oak Bay is just the starting point

Re: “Activists to cast eyes over deer cull in Oak Bay,” Jan. 18.

Because 75,000 deer have been killed by hunters in the province, the mayor of Oak Bay thinks that killing a mere 25 is justified. How many of those 75,000 were caught in a trap, held for hours, often suffering physical and mental injury while awaiting to be brutally shot by an unproven method?

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The mayor’s whole platform about safety, be it to humans, animals or vehicles, is flawed.

According to the provincial wildlife biologist, there has not been a single reported attack on a human on Vancouver Island. Deer are passive creatures and will not attack animals unless provoked or when defending their young.

Insurance Corp. of B.C. records show that less than two per cent of all accident claims involve deer. And by killing 25 deer, does the mayor think there will no more vehicle incidents or alleged animal/human attacks.

Deer road-death numbers in Oak Bay vary, with city hall saying there have been more than are recorded by public works. The latter are tasked with removing dead deer.

From what I understand, the permit request was for as many as 50 deer, and according to the provincial veterinarian, the cull will be ongoing. The number 25 is just a starting point.

D.R. Robertson

Oak Bay

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