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Reading dishwasher detergent box labels the other day, I discovered that some are formulated to clean away coffee and tea stains on ceramic mugs.

The powdered dishwasher detergent that we’ve been using for years doesn’t have much impact on coffee and tea stains. So, I’ve been cleaning the mugs by wiping them with baking soda paste. That works great, except for the manual labour part.

I was eager to try the tougher detergent, but a little concerned about whether its toughness might also mean our dishes won’t last as long.

My results so far: detergent that’s touted to clean away coffee and tea stains works fairly well, though manual intervention is sometimes needed.

We won’t have to buy as much baking soda.

But I’m hesitating. The tough-on-coffee-stains detergent is sold in tablet form, and costs roughly three times as much as the powdered detergent per load. As a result, I’m inclined to only use the tablets occasionally, when there’s a batch of mugs in need of cleaning.

We’ll see about whether the tougher detergent disintegrates our dishes.

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