Bringing hope to 2021 with a video for all

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Bringing hope to 2021 with a video for allThere is a sense of great hope mixed with a nagging anxiety as we turn the page on 2020 and head into the unknown territory of this new year. As the vaccine begins its rollout, the unspoken thought is, “Are we going to go back to the way things were?” 

Normality needs to be restored in so many critical areas. Livelihoods depend on it. Still, the collective addictions that produced the climate crisis have yet to be successfully addressed. Recovery and healing lie in acknowledging the problem and understanding what needs to be done. 

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To that end, the Victoria Multifaith Society is happy to be able to present this short video, Healing the Planet, as our end-of-year offering as we enter 2021. 

The video, concise and densely packed at 4 minutes, is part of our effort to contribute to the discourses of society from the standpoint of the values that form the sacred ground where all our traditions come together. It reflects our belief in the need to plan for the future by bringing together the pragmatic and the spiritual. See video HERE

Finding that point of unity has been an exciting process requiring good will, listening deeply and also giving strong attention to what needs to be said.

We hope that the thoughts expressed in this small video resonate with people. It’s undeniable that the health of the planet is in greater peril with each passing day, and that needs to be front and centre as we begin the much talked about process of building back better. The spirit of togetherness and sacrifices made this last year can’t be lost as we start over. Coming together in unity, the true human superpower, is needed now more than ever, from the local level to the international.

Perhaps in this new year of 2021 we will bring that unity to a new level by taking practical steps on a fundamentally spiritual path. 

With best wishes for the health and prosperity of all,

Sheila Flood, on behalf of the board of the Victoria Multifaith Society

Bringing hope to 2021 with a video for



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