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International Women's Day

March 7, 2011, POSTED BY Spiritually Speaking

March 8 2011 is International Women’s Day
, but in Victoria you might miss it – there are only two small events to celebrate the amazing progress made by women in this century.

This day can also be used to  highlight the fact that there is still much progress to be made both here, but especially in countries where women struggle to get educated, much less have a career. 

One area that women have begun to make progress in is spirituality and religion. It is only in the last decade or so that we are now beginning to see women in leadership roles in the religious life of our community, and it is a welcome sight.

So – let’s dedicate this post to women who have led us in the area of spirituality and religion, and are leading us today. 
To celebrate this day, and the achievements of women in spirituality and religion– we invite you to write about a woman leader in spirituality and religion that you admire. Just a few words is enough – or more if you like.

Here is a very interesting list of  100 women who shaped world history


100  Most Important Women in World History


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