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Building a Global Culture of Peace

September 24, 2012, POSTED BY Spiritually Speaking

“It should be abundantly clear that planetary peace requires more than a little nudge. It requires a great turnaround. Genuine peace represents a whole new order of being and an evolutionary reframing…We were born for such a time as this.”

(James O'Dea.  (www.jamesodea.com)

Renowned international peace builder, James O'Dea is visiting Victoria for the first time to talk about building a global culture of peace. He is the former Washington Office Director of Amnesty International, James’ social healing work has led him to Rwanda, Israel, Palestine and N. Ireland


SEPTEMBER 27, 2012

Building a Global Culture of Peace - a talk

7-9 pm at the First Metropolitan United Church,

Quadra at Balmoral, $10 at the door


SEPTEMBER 29, 2012

Cultivating Peace – From the Inside Out – a workshop

9 am-5 pm at James Bay New Horizons,

234 Menzies Street, $75 (limited capacity)


To reserve a spot, please contact Penny Joy at pjoy@shaw.ca or (250) 383-5878

Sponsored by the Canadian Peace Initiative www.departmentofpeace.ca

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