Bike bits: Pedal-less bicycle, bad crash, cycling education with a Canadian twist

Bryna Hallam

A round-up of bike-related ephemera that caught my eye recently. This week: bad crashes, pedal-less bikes, learning with Lego.

Collision sends bike flying

Yes, it was a month ago, but I still can’t get over this picture:

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Bike on top of stop sign after crash

The cyclist had serious but non-life-threatening injuries after colliding with a vehicle making a left turn.

Denny: A utility bike without the utility?

Denny, the winner of the Bike Design Project, includes some nifty features – electric assist, turn signals, handlebars that turn into a lock – which just seems fair, given its $3,000 price tag.

SEA: TEAGUE X SIZEMORE BICYCLE'S DENNY from oregon manifest on Vimeo.

Still, I think you should be able to carry more than a six-pack or four coffees if you’re going to slap the “utility” label on it.

Who needs pedals, anyway?

Then there’s this bike. You know, if you find pedals just too darn conventional.

Why Bikes Make Smart People Say Dumb Things

A comprehensive look at common myths about cyclists, safety and sharing the road, and how bias, like this

A 2002 study found that drivers are far more likely to see a cyclist’s infraction as stemming from ineptitude or recklessness than an identical one committed by another driver.

makes talking about these things more difficult.

Bike education for Canadians?

Please, please watch some of Edmonton’s cycling videos, starting with this Coaching Corner’s one on making left turns.

Date set for Tweed Ride Victoria 2014

TWeed Ride Victoria 2014 posterShake out the mothballs, the Tweed Ride Victoria is coming up in Sept. 14. Tickets now on sale.

For more upcoming events, check out the August event listings or visit my calendar.














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