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TRUSTEE (7 seats)

Nancy Borden.jpgNancy Borden

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49, family businesses — commercial real estate, home heating fuel

Position sought: Trustee (Central Saanich)

My children have attended the Saanich school district since 2004. I have been a parent volunteer in the education system since that time. During my time in the Saanich school district, I have watched as the partner groups seem to have been slowly silenced and board meetings have turned into a race to leave the building. This is just not acceptable. The board has a responsibility to listen and act upon the concerns of the taxpayers, employees, the children and their parents. The Ministry of Education has, in the last three years, seemingly turned boards ofeducation and teachers into revenue generators rather than service providers. This directly affects the staff’s ability to do their job and needs to stop. We have skilled staff in Saanich that can create good learning environments when given the time and money to do so. I am running for trustee because I believe my many years of work at the district and provincial level have prepared me to help address these and other issues on the table. I will not need one or two years to get up to speed on what’s happening. I understand the commitment and discernment that is required of a trustee and am ready now to fulfill that role should the taxpayers of Central Saanich put their trust in me.

Pat Bryant_01.jpgPat Bryant

51, police officer

Position sought: Trustee (Central Saanich)

I have a genuine commitment to public education and the schools in our community. I believe that my experience in the district schools over the past nine years, along with the relationships I have built, provide a natural segue into the trustee position where I can work with other trustees and district executive members in a co-operative and fiscally responsible manner.

Nick Claxton.jpgNick Claxton*

41, indigenous adviser/co-ordinator in indigenous education in the faculty of education at the University of Victoria, PhD candidate in curriculum studiesat the University of Victoria

Position sought: Trustee (Central Saanich)

I have been born, raised and educated in Central Saanich, this is my home. Needless to say, education is very important to me. I graduated from this district, and now my children are going to school in this district. I want to advocate for all students, but especially the most vulnerable students so that all students can find success and learn together in a healthy, supportive environment. I would like to promote a wide variety of learning opportunities. I would like to promote and support the ongoing transformation and reformation of the education system. I want to continue to advocate on behalf of the public, for all children, for more adequate funding to support our education system. Education is about the future generations, for us to live a good life and so our future generations can live a good life, sustainably.

ELXN-SD63-Alan Collier.jpgAllan Collier

68, retired public servant

Position sought: Trustee (Sidney)

I believe: 1. public education is the cornerstone of a fair and democratic society 2. trustees are elected to speak for their community, not government 3. effective learning is based in healthy relationships 4. trustees play a key role in strengthening the relationships among learning partners 5. public education must benefit both comunity and students I will advocate for adequate and fair funding for public education. I will encourage more integration between our local and international students. I will ensure district administration is cost effective.

Tim Dunford_01.jpgTim Dunford*

61, lawyer

Position sought: Trustee (Central Saanich)

I came to the Board in 2011 after 15 years of involvement in public education locally and provincially, including president of the district parent advisory council 2000-2003 and a parent member of the council of the former B.C. College of Teachers 2003-2010. I have lived in Central Saanich for 30 years and practised law in Victoria for 35. In seeking a further term I note that, in Saanich, public education is not politicized into clearly definable right and left ideologies and, unless a controversial issue is presented, governance of the district is, generally, stable and focused. Accordingly, I offer both my experience as a professional and in the public education system and leadership for balanced decision-making and good judgement on the many issues that come before the board. That said, there are priorities that the board should continue to address including: responsible and careful annual budget development in a reality of restricted resources and increasing costs; thoughtful advocacy for increased funding and a different funding model; stewardship of district resources and properties; maintain positive relationships with all in the education community; continued and enhanced community use of facilities; continued work towards engaging the community and raising the profile of public education in positive ways; and encouragement of initiatives for best educational practices, and improving public education delivery including personalized learning and development of trade programs.

ELXN-Wayne Hunter-SD63.jpgWayne Hunter*


Position sought: Trustee (Saanich)

I believe public education is a foundation of our inclusive Canadian society. I believe Public Education in this province is at a turning point. A better working relationship between our government, the BCT and school board trustees and their education partners must be “championed” for the betterment of our children and the Public Education system. Trustees hold an important key to public education’ success. My experience, as chairperson of the Saanich board of education, places me in a position to influence the Saanich public education system in a positive way over the next four years. I am an innovative thinker, problem solver and experienced advocate for public education. Please vote for me on Nov. 15.

Victoria Martin_01.jpgVictoria Martin

Position sought: Trustee (Saanich)

For 17 years I have been involved in all levels the public school system in Saanich - pre-school, elementary, middle and high school as a parent, PAC executive member and president, COPACS President and School Planning Council participant. From that involvement I have reached the following conclusions about what is now required for an effective and efficient public education system in Saanich: 1. We need a renewed focus on ensuring that all students have the best possible learning environment - with all of the dynamics over the past few years that laser-like focus has dissipated. 2.There must be full and open recognition by all parties of the extreme stresses on public education in Saanich over the past decade - this is the starting point for getting things done. 3.Expanded dialogue and debate from the School Board with parents, students, educational administrators, government, communities and other key groups related to education is essential - their analysis and ideas are vital for improved decision making.

ELXN-Elsie McMurphy-SD-63.jpgElsie McMurphy*

67, retired

Position sought: Trustee (North Saanich)

A lifelong belief in the importance of public education in a democratic society motivates me to serve the students of Saanich. Our schools are great places to learn, but our system is vulnerable to the impacts of underfunding. I am committed to the principles of public education and will join in advocacy to increase public support and funding. I will work for smaller classes, more assistance for children with special needs, and the provision of specialized services (libraries, art and music, outdoor/environmental education, learning assistance and gifted curricula). I will focus on significant challenges such as an increasingly diverse student population and personalized learning, recognizing especially the needs of students of aboriginal descent; the mandate to prepare our community's children for responsible citizenship and the technology, employment and other changes of the future, and leadership that builds morale and relationships. To the position of trustee, I bring nine years experience as a trustee on the Saanich board (2002-11), my perspective as a retired teacher, and my record as a community activist.

robbmarty10212014.jpgRobb Marty

40, full-time student/ part time customer service, sales

Position sought: Trustee (North Saanich)

Sir Francis Bacon once said, "Knowledge is power." I believe it is the search for that power, that knowledge, that can excite the mind to learn, and to enjoy the passion of learning. Learning can open the eyes and the mind to a multitude of possibilities.

ELXN-Barbara Menzies-SD-63.jpgBarbara Menzies*

62, retired educator

Position sought: Trustee (North Saanich)

As an educator, parent, trustee and volunteer, I have been involved in public education for over 30 years. I care deeply about the quality of public education we offer in the Saanich district and provincially. I am running for a second term since I believe that we are at a critical crossroads. Over the past decade, public education has suffered the kind of collateral damage that will have a lasting impact. Shrinking enrollment and inadequate funding have meant some tough choices for past school boards, resulting in deep cuts to basic services and programs in our district. Building broader community engagement and more meaningful partner relationships and advocating together for the supportive funding our schools need will be crucial goals going forward for our new doard and for district parent advisory councils. If elected, I will continue to be vocal at the board table in calling for more vigorous and informed debate; transparent and meaningful consultation / conversations with all partners; the allocation of resources for student programs and services as a top budget priority. District #63 has a long history of inspired leadership and strong partner relationships. Our students, and the talented and dedicated people who work for them and with them, deserve our united voices in advocating for quality public education.

ELXN-Jason Price-SD-63.jpgJason Price

51, associate professor in the department of curriculum and Instruction, in the faculty of education at the University of Victoria

Position sought: Trustee (Sidney)

I am motivated to become a school trustee because Sidney and the Saanich school district need strong, principled and experienced educational policy leaders to defend public education, our community schools and local learning initiatives, while advocating effectively for students, parents, teachers and support staff. I am also inspired to serve because of the debt I feel I owe to our educators and support staff for their continuing service above the call to my family, and community. As an award winning K-12 teacher and administrator, university educator, and educational innovation leader with diverse Canadian and international experience, I believe I am uniquely prepared to serve as trustee for the Sidney zone, and invite all voters to visit my website, Twitter and Facebook accounts for an overview of my background and platform.

jimstanden1027.jpgJim Standen*

47, assistant deputy minister, Ministry of Environment

Position sought: Trustee (Sidney)

As a trustee in School District 63 for the past 9 years, I am acutely aware of the financial challenges facing the district. As trustees we have an obligation to deliver a first class education for our kids with the resources we are provided. In this district we have been successful in doing so and I am very proud of my contributions to those successes. Contributions I want to build upon. Looking forward, we need to modernize our education system, while not losing sight of the basics. We must ensure that every child is provided the foundation for their success — solid language and math skills. Beyond the basics, we must continue to provide the broadest range of modern education options we can manage. This is not always easy in times of stretched budgets. I have demonstrated an ability to find the balance between balancing the budget and providing a high value education for our kids. As trustee, I look forward to continuing to ensure the best possible education for our kids’.

Kerry Steinemann-SD63.jpgKerry Steinemann

56, landscape designer and project manager (self-employed, Landart designers)

Position sought: Trustee (Saanich)

I am not pleased with the relationship that caused the strike and would like to see a conversation started to allow the 60 B.C. boards of education o issue tax-deductible receipts for direct contributions made to the education system.

* indicates incumbent

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