Orphaned river otter recovering at Wild ARC

An orphaned river otter whose mother was killed while crossing a road is showing positive signs at the B.C. SPCA’s Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre.

The pup was with its mother at the time of the incident but was uninjured.

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Otters spend the first year of their lives with their mothers, so at just over a month old the otter is too young to be in the wild.

“On arrival the otter was dehydrated and quiet, which is not surprising given the traumatic incident she’d just been through,” said the centre’s Andrea Wallace.

“After some specialized meals and quiet space to begin to recover, she is now starting to brighten up and behave like a normal young otter, including growling and being wary of staff when they enter her enclosure.”

Wallace said the otter will need care until next spring.

“Until then she will receive specialized care including a diet that mimics her mother’s milk and then foods she would find in the wild, as well as natural-enrichment items and access to a pool to help her learn and develop necessary skills such as how to climb and swim.”

Donations to help the otter and other animals at the centre can be made at spca.bc.ca/locations/wild-arc.

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