Drunk with nowhere to go but around and around

A coast guard vessel had to catch up to an out-of-control fishing boat off Port Hardy to rescue what turned out to be an extremely impaired operator.

The incident last week began with the Port Hardy RCMP receiving a report that a boat about 10 metres long was travelling in an erratic manner in Hardy Bay. By the time police arrived, the boat was outside the bay and about six kilometres to the north.

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Two police officers were taken to the boat by the coast guard and arrived to find a man slumped over at the wheel.

It was decided to carry out the difficult manoeuvre of getting alongside the fast-moving boat.

An officer and coast guard member jumped aboard, with the officer tending to the man while the coast guard member brought the boat under control.

The boat operator was examined for signs of injury or medical distress, but was soon determined to be impaired.

There was an open container of liquor nearby.

A second man, found asleep in the hold, was also intoxicated.

The operator was arrested on a charge of impaired operation of a vessel.

Due to his level of impairment, he was taken to hospital for examination.

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