Dave Obee: Donate and double your ability to help others

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How often can you be guaranteed of doubling your money?

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On the stock market, almost never. In real estate, it depends on your level of patience.

With the Rapid Relief Fund, the third time’s a charm. Any money you donate in the next few days will be doubled. For the third time, some major donors have issued a challenge to others, saying that they will match anything you donate to help those in need because of the COVID-19.

This time, we’re looking for $250,000, thanks to a pledge from the Victoria Foundation — and it should be noted that this will take the foundation’s total commitment to $500,000.

The new offer, which expires at 11:59 p.m. Friday, follows a $355,000 offer from a group of local entrepreneurs and tech industry leaders, and $100,000 from the Times Colonist Christmas Fund. Both of those offers were matched before they expired, and we expect that will happen again.

The fund was launched two weeks ago by the Victoria Foundation, the Jawl Foundation and the Times Colonist, in response to the shocking economic and social fallout caused by the coronavirus. Our initial goal was $1 million, but now we’re closing in on $3 million. Let’s keep this going as long as there is a need.

Many donations are given with comments, and they are inspiring. Here is a short sample:

“Small contribution in the overall scheme, but we are all in this together and I am fortunate to be able to help those less fortunate.”

“An amazing fundraising initiative — supporting our community health. We pledge to donate each month until pandemic need is over.”

“This is our second donation. In view of continuing needs in our community, we feel a deep need to give back and hope and trust this will help alleviate some of the suffering of our worst-off neighbours.”

“I challenge everyone who’s NOT going out to the movies nowadays to donate the money they’d normally spend there (ticket and refreshments). Someone needs that money that you’re saving by not going right now!”

“Thanks to health-care staff, grocery staff, cleaning staff, all first responders, and all the people who are keeping things running and keeping us safe. A special thanks to staff in seniors care homes.”

“Thanks to all for getting this Rapid Relief Fund going. Our giving is to honour our front-line workers, not only medical, emergency and essential workers that we acknowledge every day, but our postperson, our TC delivery guys …”

“We have so many things for which to be grateful. There are so many not so fortunate.”

“I am donating because I feel very lucky to live in a home with a yard, and to have a pension coming in.”

“I have a home and enough food so I want to help others who aren’t as fortunate.”

“I am a senior on a pension but I like helping those in need and contribute what I can.”

“I am fortunate to have retired recently with a pension that allows me to help out. There are so many workers who are not as fortunate and will need assistance.”

A surprising one:

“I hope this small gift is multiplied. I am unemployed now too!”

And finally:

“$20 of this is from Serena’s piggy bank — my six-year-old daughter. She is genuinely passionate about helping people and was thrilled when she saw her name mentioned in your front page article in December after her Christmas fund donation.”

Serena: Thanks again. Everyone else: If Serena can do it, so can you.



Tax receipts will be issued. If you are open to receiving your tax receipt by PDF, please include an email address with your donation.

• Online: RapidReliefFund.ca

• Phone: 250-381-5532

• Mail: Send cheques (made out to the Victoria Foundation) to RapidRelief Fund, Victoria Foundation, 200-703 Broughton St., Victoria V8W 1E2

The Rapid Relief Fund was created by the Victoria Foundation, the Jawl Foundation, and the Times Colonist to help people in need as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. CHEK Television, Coast Outdoor Advertising and Black Press are helping to boost awareness..

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