This person was caught cutting a Christmas tree-sized chunk from a hedge (VIDEO)

While security footage has captured a number of Lower Mainland theives stealing packages from porches, new survelliance footage shows a rather unusual holiday theft.

In the video, a person is shown strolling across the street at night. Once they reach the other side, they begin to cut into the side of a hedge. Following this, the person seems to struggle with pulling a chunk of the hedge away.

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Once the 'hedge-cutter' is able to free a generous portion of the greenery, they take a step back. As they do, an RCMP vehicle is seen driving past them, but their vehicle doesn't stop. As such, the person throws the 'tree' over their shoulder and strolls back across the street.

However, in the next shot, RCMP turn their lights on and pull over beside the person.

Popular Chilliwack YouTuber Robb Iezzi shared the video to his channel with the title, "Christmas Tree Shopping In Chilliwack BC."

In the description, Iezzi notes: "She has found her perfect Christmas tree, even though it's part of my neighbors hedge."

After posting the video on Dec. 10, the video has 125 comments and a 15,173 views and counting.

Vancouver Is Awesome has reached out to Chilliwack RCMP but has not heard back at this time. The story will be updated once information is provided.

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