B.C. to consider new laws for e-scooters, electric unicycles, Segways, hoverboards

Proposed amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act, introduced on Monday, would establish a regulatory framework for the use of electric standup scooters, electric single-wheeled cycles, Segways and hoverboards, which are currently not covered under road laws.

The amendments would cover where the alternative vehicles are allowed to operate, whether on the road or on sidewalks, and would allow the government to begin pilot projects that explore how mobility technology can work in various communities.

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“We know people are changing the way they travel, and it’s important that our regulations match these changes,” said Transportation Minister Claire Trevena.

“There are lots of new ways to travel and we need to make sure our laws reflect the needs of our communities today.”

Under current law, anything that does not fall under the categories of motor vehicle, cycle or pedestrian is not permitted on highways or sidewalks, and E-scooters, Segways, and other electric mobility devices are considered “unauthorized vehicles.”

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