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Huge fire destroys 60 homes in Washington

Firefighters battled wildfires across the U.S. West on Tuesday, including a massive out-of-control blaze that has destroyed at least 60 homes and burned more than 28,000 acres between two national forests in Washington state.

Liver toxins found in Canadian lakes

A survey of more than 250 lakes across Canada has found a potent liver toxin in every province, with the highest concentrations in central Alberta and southern Manitoba.

Norway's PM pressed to quit after Breivik report

Norway's prime minister came under pressure to resign Tuesday after an official report said police could have prevented a murder spree by far right militant Anders Behring Breivik last year that killed 77 people.

Student strikes melting away

The number of students on strike in Quebec dwindled considerably Monday as people at several colleges voted to end a civil-disobedience campaign.
Agreement reached in lobster dispute

Agreement reached in lobster dispute

A week-old conflict over cheap American lobster driving down lobster prices in New Brunswick came to an end Saturday when disgruntled fishermen, the government and fish processing plants reached an agreement.

Nanaimo hires its first communications manager

Nanaimo has found an official spokesman. Philip Cooper was selected from 53 applicants for the city communications manager position.

Homes daubed with graffiti

Residents are cleaning up racist and homophobic graffiti that appeared overnight on many of their homes, garages, fences and cars.

Man charged with murder of Alberta peace officer

RCMP in southern Alberta have charged a man with murder in the death of a retired Mountie who was working as a peace officer. Police say Trevor Kloschinsky, 46, has been charged with first-degree murder.

Robbery haul may total $1.9M

As much as $1.9 million may have been stolen in June's armoured car robbery in Edmonton that left three guards dead and a fourth wounded.

Counterfeit currency use on rise in Interior, police warn

Several areas in the Interior have experienced a spike recently in counterfeit currency passed or attempted to be passed.