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MP to introduce native rights bill

Images of mouldy native houses point to need for government accountability, says Denise Savoie

'Billy Little regrets he's unable to schmooze today'

Before he slipped away on New Year's Day, this is what Hornby Island's Billy Little said he wanted written on his tombstone: Billy Little Poet Hydro is too expensive "But," he continued, "I'd like my mortal remains to be set adrift on a flaming raft

City to act to fix up bad rentals

Victoria will work with owners rather than see units boarded up

Duncan company designs mould-proof house for reserves

It looks tiny, but the house can snugly fit a family of four and a Duncan company hopes it's a partial answer to the housing crisis on First Nations reserves. Brent Pollard, sales director for EcoSIP Industries Inc.

Four formulas for the future

Budget commits $400 million to aboriginal housing in next two years - - - Vancouver Island North MP John Duncan is parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development The government of Canada is taking concrete action t

Three Island bands make positive strides

Amid countless dire accounts of the housing crisis plaguing First Nations reserves, three Vancouver Island bands are making significant, positive moves that show the situation can change.

'There's lots of racism in Victoria'

Carefully picking her way through piles of multicolored material, boxes of buttons and aboriginal designs for scarves and purses, Debra Bell-Seysener lowers her considerable bulk into the chair in front of her sewing machine.

Science confirms native complaints that rotting homes make them sick

First Nations people have long complained that their homes are making them sick. Now, they've got scientific proof to back them up. A team of researchers at the University of B.

Tax raid on home prompts suit

When five Canada Revenue agents and two uniformed Saanich police officers arrived with a warrant to search his home on a September morning more than three years ago, Hal Neumann was shocked.

Feb. 9, 2009: Housing issue muddied by neglect

The mess and uncleanliness on some reserves is often observed -- but seldom discussed