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This day in history

Oct. 31, 1924: Film company wants free Victoria site

Stories from our pages over the last 150 years.

Dr. John T. Thompson, motion picture director of Hollywood, will arrive in Victoria in a week or two to discuss the establishment of a motion picture industry in Victoria, members of the Tourist Trade Group of the Chamber of Commerce were notified by the president, C.P. Hill, this afternoon.

A telegram from Dr. Thompson read as follows: "Replying to your letter I want grounds free in suitable place to be selected on my arrival there in a week or so. Will bring film and all other necessary information as outlined by you."

Dr. Thompson's proposal was before the group.

A site of about five acres is desired. By private subscription Victoria would be called upon to contribute $10,000 to $40,000 stock.

Dr. Thompson and his associates take films in which industrial plants form the background of the stories and have contracts on a royalty basis to show the films in numerous theatres throughout the United States.