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The RadWagon effect is shaping the way Vancouverites move

Roll up in a RadWagon.
RadWagon electric utility bike
The RadWagon effect is spreading across Vancouver as more families and delivery drivers opt for electric bikes.

Ever seen a bike that seats three people? 

Vancouver is a bike-friendly city and is even more so after the pandemic, which has significantly changed the way the city moves.

Electric bikes have surged across the city too, with Rad Power Bikes helping supply the city at their Vancouver showroom.

"A lot of a lot of people have sold their cars or just parked their cars since the pandemic," says Pavel Benda, General Manager at Rad Power Bikes. "It's really changed the way people have viewed transportation in the city."

The Rad Power Bikes showroom in Vancouver sees lots of interested visitors every day and others are spotting the award-winning ebikes all over the city. 

One Twitter user shared a photo of multiple RadWagon bikes, one of the brand's most popular models, lined up at a kids soccer game. Another Twitter user called the surge in this ebike brand the 'RadWagon effect'. 

The RadWagon effect comes from the model's ability to seat up to two children (or one adult) on the back of the bike, and its convenience for family outings and dropping kids off at school, according to Benda.

"I have a friend who's a teacher and his daughter sits on the back [of the RadWagon] every single day and they go over Second Narrows Bridge from North Vancouver, they like like pedal like 30 kilometers," shares Benda. 

The RadWagon effect extends to delivery drivers too, just in a smaller model.

"We have a lot of delivery drivers for Uber Eats or Tiggy or DoorDash. They will particularly by the RadRunner, which is our utility bike. The RadRunner is a smaller version of the RadWagon," explains Benda. 

"Being that Vancouver is so bike friendly, I think that [the RadWagon bikes help] to bring your family to the park on the weekends or be able to deliver things as a form of employment. It really opens up a lot of doors," he adds. 

The RadWagon effect comes naturally to Vancouver.