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Restaurant review: With a few changes, Ledge could be grand

Whether named for its proximity to the Parliament buildings as rumoured or its location on the mezzanine of the Bedford Regency Hotel, the Ledge is a lounge, not a restaurant per se.

Visiting new places

March 29, 2010: I was talking to a colleague about how he and his wife always go back to the same three or four restaurants. They're nice places, the menu is familiar, the food is good.

Travelling to Vancouver's Chinatown, via public transit

Soy chicken at Hon's in Vancouver, $7.50. We paid a visit to Vancouver the other day in a sort of dry-run for the Olympics and headed into Chinatown for a couple of meals. Hon's Wun-Tun House is one of the restaurant mainstays in Chinatown.

Brotherston grandfather acquitted of murder in 1930

The circumstances are eerily similar: Two members of a well-known Vancouver Island family acquitted of murder almost exactly 80 years apart. Last Friday, Ken Brotherston Sr.

Blissful tempura, fab smoothie, and hold the meat

Pizza at Cafe Bliss. There's a vegetarian in our household (it's not the cat) and that's how I ended up at Cafe Bliss on a sunny Saturday afternoon. It's also how I'm ending up eating no-meat meals several times a week.
Film Festival Giveaway

Film Festival Giveaway

Readers can win tickets to some festival movies (Under Rich Earth, Anne Perry, I Killed My Mother, Love at the Twilight Motel, When You Die as a Cat, Meet the Head of Juan Perez, Like Dandelion Dust, Private Lives of Pippa Lee, A Shine of Rainbows an

Fried chicken vs grilled

Some KFC franchisees are suing the parent company because it's emphasizing grilled chicken over fried in KFC advertising. The fried menu is turning away customers, the HQ people say.

Another green tea moment, plus juicy Aeroplan points

Aeroplan points are no longer available for Tropicana orange juice (thanks to a reader for the alert). I've been collecting orange juice points for several years and feel a little sad about this.

Hockey team makes big fuss over bill; wonders of ramen; wedding cookies; world's best pizza

Edmonton Oilers hockey team makes a big fuss over an $18,000 bill for 45 people at Calgary's high-profile Osteria de Medici. They were especially shocked by the liquor tally and insisted on a discount. Report at nationalpost.

BBQ pork buns; riding B.C. Ferries for the food and view; menu design

Pork buns - six-pack in one of those transparent crunchy boxes - for $5.99 at Fairway. BBQ pork filling is plentiful, if a little too salty and sometimes -- depending on the mouthful -- fatty. They're good straight from the store.