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Eric Akis

February 14, 2017
Eric Akis is the author of eight cookbooks. His latest is The Great Rotisserie Chicken Cookbook (Appetite by Random House). . . .

Eric Akis: Getting to the pulse of lentil soup

October 20, 2021
I was driving in rural Saskatchewan in the summer a few years ago and pulled into a rest stop to stretch my legs. It was beside a farmer’s field filled with row upon row of not overly tall green . . .

Eric Akis: Giving thanks for the club sandwich

October 10, 2021
I sometimes wonder if the club sandwich was invented after Thanksgiving. When someone somewhere had leftover meat from a plump roast chicken or turkey sitting in their fridge and found a tasty way . . .

Eric Akis: Pumpkin cheesecake a Thanksgiving crowd-pleaser

October 6, 2021
If you need a splendid dessert for Thanksgiving or other autumn occasion pumpkin cheesecake is crowd-pleasing option. I know because after baking one and sharing it with friends and family the . . .

Eric Akis: Make time for oxtail soup

October 3, 2021
When I was growing up every once in while my father would enjoy a can of oxtail soup. As a kid it sounded exotic to me and later on in life, while attending chef school, I learned why busy guys . . .

Eric Akis: Tuna casserole goes gourmet

September 29, 2021
Although hearty and comforting, tuna casserole is not exactly “gourmet.” But it can get there that if you dress it up, Italian-style. I know, because that’s what I did when recently making a . . .

Eric Akis: Seared and roasted sausages with grainy mustard sauce

September 26, 2021
Sausages are a versatile ingredient that, for example, can be fried up and served as a side dish for breakfast, or be cooked, sliced and added to soups, pastas, pizza and myriad other dishes. Today. . .

Eric Akis: Chinese-style barbecued pork enhances cabbage and corn soup

September 22, 2021
The pelting rain late last week got me in the mood to make a pot of hearty, comforting soup. I had B.C.-grown savoy cabbage and corn on hand and decided to build a soup around them, Asian in style.. . .

Eric Akis: Chanterelle mushrooms make great steak sauce

September 19, 2021
Wild B.C. chanterelle mushrooms are in-season and, if you’ve not harvested them yourself from a nearby forest, you’ll find them available at farm markets and some grocery stores. They are . . .

Eric Akis: Chili warrants a second bowl

September 15, 2021
I’m a Blue Jays fan and when planning to watch one of their games the other day, I decided to make a TV-style dinner to enjoy while doing so. I settled on chili, something served in a bowl that . . .

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