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Return of the Iron Matron, with friends

Five Victoria women take on the challenge to share adventures -- and public humiliation -- with our reporter

After this, pole dancing will be a breeze.

We put out an invitation to come along with the Iron Matron on her next great adventures, and a wonderful bunch of you responded. Choosing which five intrepid souls would do so was excruciatingly difficult.

It took a day of reading and re-reading the e-mails, then reading some more, to come up with the lucky ones (who might not think they're so lucky after all) who will join me on the pages of the TC.

Come on up:

- Deborah Carnes

- Jo-Anne Kern

- Sandy Campbell

- Sue Emslie

- Fran Harper (wonder if she's told her husband and kids yet).

In next Monday's Iron Matron column, you'll meet these five neat women, and find out just why they are looking to spice up their life, not to mention why they're crazy enough to do it with someone like me. On Tuesday, Oct. 23, we'll begin a series of five fun escapades cooked up for us by Shelley Brown and Sarah Gallsworthy at Victoria Parks and Recreation.

We're kicking things off with pole dancing -- might as well shed the inhibitions right off the bat. Then we'll continue with fly fishing, pole walking, water yoga and 50-plus boot camp, although I have some concern as to why Sarah scheduled us to finish (be finished off?) with the boot camp.

Anyway, for all those terrific women who wrote in (no men rose to the challenge), and anyone else who's interested, there's still a chance for you to discover the joys of pole dancing, etc. Brown is willing to include a similar discovery-type series on the parks and rec calendar for everyone to enjoy. Take the next step, and e-mail her at

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