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Helen Chesnut's Garden Notes: Selective pruning can help fill out Kerria japonica

Double-flowered form ‘Pleniflora’ is the one most seen in gardens here

My first year of teaching was in a small town between Fernie and Cranbrook, in the beautiful East Kootenays. Since then, I’ve kept in touch with a British couple on the staff. During my travelling years I spent time with them in England’s Lake District.

A surprise visit with them last month was deliciously nostalgic as we looked back on those times. And as almost always happens whenever I meet with friends, Mike had a gardening question. He had been given a plant, now long established in his garden, that he knew only as “Sailor’s Buttons.”

Photos of the plant on his phone left me puzzled. It was a deciduous shrub with just a few slender stems, mainly bare except toward the top, and a little under two metres tall. The flowers, which the photo did not show, are yellow. Mike described the bloom time as highly variable.

Didn’t ring a bell — until two days later as I was puttering in the back garden. A neighbour called me over to the fence. She produced two slender stems full of bright yellow, fully double flowers. Could I identify them?

I immediately recognized the flowers as Kerria japonica. It was then that a light bulb lit up in my little brain. Perhaps this is Mike’s plant. With the name, my description and his own research, Mike agreed this was his plant. He then wondered about pruning it.

My neighbour’s Kerria is a much more full-bodied shrub than Mike’s appeared to be, but still the lower third of the stems are mostly bare. Selective pruning can help to fill out that part of the plant.

Kerria shrubs are pruned after the flowering period, mainly by cutting back stems that have flowered. Most can be cut to the ground. The rest, if cut back to strong side shoots, will help to fill out the lower part of the shrub in the following year. New growth made this year will flower next year.

The usual flowering time for Kerria japonica is mid to late spring, not August, but this year’s cold spring and early summer weather delayed the timing of many plants.

The shrubs grow well in most moderately fertile, well-drained soils in sun to part shade. The double-flowered form ‘Pleniflora’ is the one most seen in gardens here. Its common name is bachelor’s buttons. That’s the closest I came to Mike’s “sailor’s buttons.” Other common names are Japanese rose and marigold bush.


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