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Lid features built-in mixing paddle

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has a new lid for quart-size cans that makes it easier to store, mix and pour paints and finishes. The Mixing Mate has a builtin mixing paddle with a crank handle, so you can stir the contents before you open the can.

Suite Dreams

The big bedroom as we know it is drifting off into the sunset. Those rooms - just a tad larger than any other bedroom in the house - are being replaced by master suites where occupants do more than just sleep.

Master suites of dreams

From being just another little box, the homeowners' sleep area has expanded into a private retreat

Net Zero home eliminates energy bills

System including photovoltaic cells and geothermal heat is expected to pay for itself in about five years


Helen Chesnut >F3

Dollhouse decorating helps build creativity

In a kids' entertainment world of expensive game systems and disposable plastic toys, there is an alternative: Make something. Play with it.

Eyeglass-cleaning wipes clear away keyboard dirt

The task of cleaning your computer peripherals can prove to be more time-consuming than you might think, especially if you eat near your computer.

Barcelona sheds light on bright designs

Spanish architect and artistic genius Antoni Gaudi took the presence and conditions of light, and the effect it had on interiors very seriously.


Debbie Travis >E2

all plants bring busy onth for gardeners

September already. Were it not for those three sundrenched weeks in August, summer would have passed us by. I'll dream of them through the dreary months. Now, night closes in noticeably earlier each day, signalling a shifting of seasons.