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Kindness key to limiting wars as society seeks to find balance

On Sunday, as a score of us sit and walk in meditation at the Vic West Community Centre, it is fitting that we take the opportunity to face the enormity of what war has cost us all, beginning with a remembrance of all those who have died fighting in

Disability can be just small part of busy life

Architect Deborah Pierce doesn't design homes for disabled people. She designs homes for people who like to entertain, who love the outdoors, who enjoy hobbies and pets and grandkids - and who have disabilities.
Stove really takes off

Stove really takes off

Super-efficient wood-fired heaters spring from a different sort of rocket science

American chestnut makes a comeback

Before you can roast them by a fire, there's plenty of work to do

Huge puffballs sprout in fall

Dear Mary: I have several large, white mushrooms growing on and around my patio. One is the size of a bowling ball, the other near the size of a soccer ball and one larger than a golf ball. They are hard.


Mike Holmes >E2

Sensors help manage your home's energy use

Our homes are getting smarter. Smart technology that automates our homes' devices is becoming mainstream, making it convenient for us to rein in our energy use and cut our energy bills. Come to think of it, maybe we're the smart ones.


Debbie Travis >E7

Many 'extras' should be standard

People usually think that the work of a contractor begins and ends with construction and building. That's certainly a big part of it, but it's not the whole story. A lot also goes into getting the job started.

Work with what you have to add space to your home

You are looking for space to pile up books and magazines that doesn't look cluttered or junky. You'd like to tuck in a desk for your computer that doesn't need to be cleared off when you decide to eat.
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