Reena Nerbas: What to do when you drop your phone in water

Dear Reena: I dropped my iPhone in water. Is there anything that I can do to fix it, or is it garbage?


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Step 1: Turn the phone off immediately.

Step 2: Dry the phone with a soft towel (not a hair dryer).

Step 3: Fill a plastic sealable bag with dry uncooked rice. Place the phone inside the bag and remove as much of the air as possible. Close the bag and leave for 24 to 36 hours.

Check the light on the side of the phone. If the phone was damaged by water, the light will shine red instead of the normal white or silver colour. If the light is red, take the phone to a specialist for repair.

Dear Reena: I wash my counter with soap and water, rinse it and dry it, and it looks marvelous — until I wipe a spill with a wet cloth and it gets a white film on it. It started after I put sealer on it.


The white marks are caused by the minerals left behind when water, or soap and water, sits on the countertop and then evaporates. The first step is to dry the countertop after each use. The next step is to wipe the dry counter with mineral oil. Reapply every few months, or when needed.

Dear Reena: Why are English cucumbers shrink-wrapped?


If you were to compare a shrink-wrapped English cucumber over two weeks versus a non-wrapped English one, you would notice the shrink-wrapped one lasts about three times longer. Shrink-wrapping reduces dehydration and damage to cucumbers during transport and reduces the amount of moisture lost in the cucumber.

Extra tip: To quickly remove the plastic wrap from English cucumbers, cut the cucumber in half so that it’s easier to work with. Score the plastic along the seam, being careful not to cut through the cucumber. Remove plastic and cut off both ends of the cucumber, because the ends are a little bitter.

If you are cutting plastic off several cucumbers, consider using an electric knife. Take extra care not to cut yourself, because the cucumber can roll while you are working with it.

Tip of the week

• For years, I have used commercial products for denture cleaning, reading with suspicion the long list of ingredients. Now I just use water and baking soda. If my dentures get a bit brown over a few weeks, I can still use Polident. Luigi

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