Everything you need to know about choosing window coverings

Budget Blinds Victoria works with customers to find the right budget, design, colour choice and more

Need new window coverings but don’t know where to start?

With all the options out there, it can be confusing to decide what’s right for you.

Fortunately, Budget Blinds of Victoria can help guide you to find the perfect window coverings for your needs.

Budget Blinds supplies and installs custom window coverings, shades, drape shutters, and just about anything else that covers windows.

Style consultant Alanna Todd helps customers find the right fit for their homes. She works directly with her clients, making house calls to measure their windows and help guide their choices.

“When I work with a client or customers, my first goal is to find out their ultimate goal for the window,” Todd says.

To help her customers choose their window coverings, Todd recommends browsing the Budget Blinds website to get a sense of what styles they like or dislike. From there, Todd has a starting point to work with customers.

When helping clients choose window coverings, Todd takes into consideration their budget, design preference, colour choice, and window coverings brand.


“I always ask people if they have a budget in mind,” Todd says.

Window coverings can be expensive, so getting an idea of a customer’s budget ahead of time gives the team direction for what kind of products to suggest.

Budget Blinds carries product lines for all budgets. Some are more premium priced while others have a similar look at lower price. Todd can work with customers to find the right product to meet customers’ spending plan.


Are you looking for blinds, shades, or shutters? Budget Blinds carries all the latest styles and trends for your home.

There are also extra considerations depending on what you’re hoping to get out of your window coverings. Are they strictly for aesthetics? Or do they have a practical purpose as well?

“Whether it’s extra privacy, light control, UV protection, or a high insulating product, that’s where I like to start to see what options are available,” Todd says.

“Child safety is another huge thing. I always ask people if they have young kids or animals.”

A great option for safety conscious customers are automated window covering, which are shades that are motorized. Rather than having a cord or a hand draw, the shades are controlled via remote, phone, or by a schedule that has been programmed on an application.


“Pretty much any colour you have in mind, we can do,” Todd says.

There are even products that can be colour customized. So for instance, if you have a wood trim that you’re looking to match, Budget Blinds can provide a shutter in the same shade.

“I can 100% guide a customer on what will work for their space,” Todd says.

Todd will take into account the aesthetics of the room, helping a customer find something that compliments the decor.

“I always want them to think about the long term.”

If someone likes to change up the look of their space frequently, Todd recommends choosing more of a neutral colour tone for their window coverings. But if you love colour and know you’re going to want to keep the look for a long time, go for something bold.

Two of Todd’s favourites are maroon or teal in a soft colour, and wood in a coastal grey colouring.


“We carry basically everything out there,” Todd says.

Budget Blinds offers a range of products, including high-end designer brands such as LUTRON or Hunter Douglas among others, and its own exclusive in-house designer brands that blend innovative designs with the latest fabrics and materials.

These exclusive collections come with a no-questions-asked warranty and feature the most innovative designs and materials in the market, with exciting new products added every year.

To learn more or to request a free in-home or virtual consultation, visit budgetblinds.com/en-ca/victoria/.

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