5 Tips for staging the perfect townhome

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life and after finding the perfect fit then there is a whole other round of decisions coming your way, including making the right choices when it comes to interior decorating. Let’s face it we all aren’t professionally trained interior designers, even if want to think we are, so tips like these from Dexter Dolores Interiors; who stages all the GableCraft show homes, can send us in the right direction towards having great décor.

1. Create Zones

Delineate individual spaces within one large room. Most newly built townhomes will commonly have open concept floor plans and although they are great for hosting friends and family, it is important to make sure you define the many spaces within the large room! At West Commons we created zones by using a sectional sofa with the chaise extension on the open side of the room rather than up against the corner. By placing this low seating as a separation between the living area and dining area, we’ve visually divided the large space all while maintaining the open sightline.

2. Take advantage of your ceiling height

Don’t let your 9ft ceilings go to waste! Hang your drapes high and close to the ceiling to emphasize the height. Not only does this detail enhance the overall visual space of the room, but it has the added bonus of bringing attention to the abundant natural light coming through the large windows - more incentive to look out and see your ocean views!

3. Emphasize architectural focus points 

Create eye catching details on feature items. In West Commons, we like using architectural millwork surrounding the fireplace to emphasise the texture of the materials and generate interest and focus in a large space.

4. Direct your eye through the home 

Take advantage of your stairwells! Sometimes in townhomes, the multiple stairwells can become dead spaces. Create a moment with artwork at each of the landings to direct your eyes through and add some color and interest.

5. Don’t forget those unused corners 

Create additional useable and functional space in empty corners. Many townhomes come with long garage spanning the whole length of the property. At West Commons we laid down some flooring at the back end of the garage to define the space and created a workshop. In another example, we took open closet space above the washer and dryer and instantly made it functional by adding a countertop, custom shelving and a rod to let clothes hang dry on.

To view these design tips in real life, visit the GableCraft show home in Royal Bay at #2-370 Latoria Boulevard, Colwood B.C.

To learn more go to www.gablecraft.ca/west-commons

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