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Passion for punk fuels rocker's fire

Tyler Forslund was born and raised in Vernon and counts various residents of the town among his friends and family, so he will always have a spot in his heart for the Okanagan Valley. But it isn't home.

Best of a musical decade -- that's a test

A year-end list isn't a terribly difficult concept to wrap your head around. If anything, picking 10 of your favourite recordings from the thousands issued each year is a touch too easy.

Life and death in L.A.

Playing dead is a major part of Thea Gill's Hollywood revival

Exhibit weaves tapestry of culture lost and found

Curator and team of researchers breath new life into dismantled heritage

Kid rockers come together

Nearly three decades after Lennon's murder, school band keeps Beatle's memory alive

Dark humour key to Little Shop's enduring charm

Lead actors, singers put on a strong show; student cast is well-rehearsed

Film fest is all a-Twitter

Director Kathy Kay makes social networking sites a marketing mainstay

Atrium artist puts on a show

In the past year, Bill Porteous spent weeks painting giant panels along a 152-metre long hoarding that wraps around the Atrium construction site at Blanshard, Yates and Johnson streets.

Online star hones raunchy favourites

Jon Lavoie strikes chord with youth, racking up millions of YouTube hits

Making his own scene

Michael Burke has carved out a small but effective niche in the music business