Update: China-Hong Kong tensions spill into Richmond high school

A letter praising the Chinese communist party was posted on the locker of a Richmond secondary student in an attempt to give him a “history lesson.”

The letter asks why the student, who had a slogan in support of the Hong Kong protestors on his locker, would “humiliate the communist party,” according to a translation by the Richmond News.

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“Do you know how many Chinese people have sacrificed their lives for establishing the People’s Republic of China?” it continues.

The letter states that the proposed extradition law, which has been the subject of months-long protests in Hong Kong, was put forward because judges in Hong Kong are followers of Britain and let criminals get away without being punished.

A photo of the letter was posted on Facebook and Twitter by writer Henry Lam, resulting in an online backlash.

The letter states that without the communist party, there wouldn’t be a “new China,” and that Hong Kong would still be “trampled” under the British.

The letter calls Hongkongers “despicable and cowardly,” adding, “We treat you so well, you are still ungrateful.”

“The purpose of this letter isn’t to frighten you or intimidate you, we just want to give you a history lesson and let you know all the consequences,” it states.

School administrators have met with the students involved and their families; meanwhile, senior staff have met with all 10 secondary school principals about the incident, according to the school district spokesperson David Sadler.

Everyone is expected to follow the code of conduct and school administration works to provide a safe environment while managing any emergent situations, he added.

This incident follows an online uproar at Steveston-London secondary earlier this fall after a teacher showed trailers from a Chinese government film made to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China as part of a Mandarin language class.


Richmond News' translation of the letter:

Our Chinese people always tell the bold truth. You said you want to free Hong Kong, I would like to ask what exactly do you want to achieve? 

Hong Kong has been part of China for quite a long time. Each nation makes its own destiny. Hong Kong was under British rule from 1841, during that time the Qing dynasty of China was trapped in the First Opium War with Great Britain. After the Opium War, China was faced with internal revolt and foreign invasion. 

So which era do you want to live? Do you want to live in the time when Hong Kong was a fishing village or British Hong Kong? (Do you really want to be) back to the days when you were rubbed against the floor by Britain?

Do you know how many Chinese people have sacrificed their lives for establishing the People's Republic of China? 

Chinese people used 70 years to transform from a poor country to a new China. How can you humiliate the Communist party? Without the communist party, we won’t have a new China. Without the communist party, you are still living in the days that being trampled underfoot by the Britains. Without the communist party, your ancestors won’t make their way to immigrate to Hong Kong. 

Do you know how much love the communist party has given to you? You are being given priority (over mainlanders) to have access to electricity, food, meat, vegetables and water. During the 2002 SARs outbreak, our government still provide all necessities and resources to you in advance. Do you know how many people died in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou (three big cities in China) due to lacking resources? How can you still fight against the communist party? 

You, Hongkongers, can be described in two words: despicable and cowardly. We treat you so well, you are still ungrateful. If who you are dealing with are westerners, not Chinese, they already killed you all. How can you still not be grateful? You even killed people and set fire to get democracy.

From your perspective, the so-called democracy is bullshit. China doesn’t need this kind of democracy. Please read some books (to educate yourself), the only country that has general elections are developed countries. China doesn’t need that. 

Do you know why (we) put forward the extradition law? Because the judges in your territory are all followers of Britain. They let criminals go away and not being punished by the law. But you guys turn Hong Kong into the apocalypse. We didn’t want to waste time telling you all these things. But we did so just (because we) want to let you figure out why you are selling yourselves to foreign countries? You think you have support from western countries,so you feel terrific? You won’tbefurious for long, our president isn’t weak, he is going to unite us. You and your democracy fighters just wait. If the police come to Hong Kong, you guys have already run away. 

The purpose of this letter isn’t to frighten you or intimidate you, we just want to give you a history lesson and let you know all the consequences. Last but not the least, please be mindful of your words, you are also educated, at least you have manners. If you dare to act, you dare to bear the responsibility. We don’t allow you to threaten our beloved country because the protests you guys held aren’t justice at all, but are evil. 

Yours sincerely, 

A Chinese person


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