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Leprechaun or gnome? B.C. man's driver's license says he's 23 cm tall

He's actually 5'9".
A Golden man's learner license was sent with a typo about his height.

When applying for a driver's license, people may give or take an inch on their self-reported height. But in the case of one B.C. man, he lost about 60.

Niko Robinson from Golden, B.C., recently received his B.C. learner's licence only to discover the card mistakenly had his height as a whopping 23 centimetres tall — roughly the size of two pop cans stacked.

"I think it's pretty funny," said Robinson in an interview with Glacier Media.

Robinson took the quirky surprise to Reddit for advice, noting he told the ICBC clerk he was five-foot-nine tall — or roughly 175 centimetres. 

"Now my license says I'm only 23 centimetres. Is this a big deal, like could I get fined or something?" he wrote on the forum.

The Reddit post received more than 260 comments, with some practical advice and many jokes that Robinson may be a garden gnome or other tiny stature mythical creature.

"Well, you might get fined, but the officer would have [to] catch you first, Mr. Leprechaun!" wrote one person. 

Others were more critical of him for not double-checking his paperwork, which Robinson says he finds a bit unfair as he hoped ICBC would have checked, too. 

"Overall, most people just found it to be funny, and I'm glad I made people laugh with my story," he said.

Meanwhile, he's trying to remedy the situation with ICBC.

An ICBC spokesperson said the provincial Crown corporation will replace the license free of charge if he visits a driver's licensing office. 

Robinson isn’t the only one with an error on his licence.

One man’s height is even listed as smaller than 23 cm.

Krystal Galligos of Powell River says her son got his learner’s licence in January, only to find out his height was also wrong.

“It said that he was only five centimetres,” she says.

Galligos claims they had to pay to have a replacement issued, even though it was not their error.

Another B.C. man also claims his driver’s licence is wrong, but this time with his weight.

“They put 190 kg on mine, but I’m not 400 lbs,” he says. "I’m 190 lbs, pretty massive difference."

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