More inbound flights to Vancouver flagged for possible COVID-19 exposure

Flights from San Francisco, Mexico City and Montreal have been flagged, as well as another flight from Kelowna to Edmonton.

The B.C. Centre for Disease control is warning passengers aboard four flights into Vancouver over possible exposure to COVID-19. 

Of those, two were inbound international flights, from Mexico City and San Francisco, and two were domestic, both from Montreal.

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July 13: Air Canada 311,  Montreal to Vancouver

July 14: Air Canada 561, San Francisco to Vancouver

July 20: Air Canada 311, Montreal to Vancouver

July 22: Aeromexico 696 Mexico City to Vancouver (rows 19-25)

Another flight from Kelowna to Edmonton (July 13: Westjet 3312, rows 11-17) was also flagged for possible COVID-19 exposure.

Each flight  with at least one passenger onboard who was infected with the virus 

Two of the newly-flagged flights do not specify which rows of seats were exposed, a condition which triggers a warning to all passengers.

Anyone aboard these flights should self-isolate for a 14-day incubation period and monitor for symptoms. 

The flight is in addition to the following recently-flagged flights by the BC Centre for Disease Control and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

July 5: WestJet 186, Vancouver to Edmonton

July 5: Korean Air 071, Incheon (South Korea) to Vancouver

July 6: American Airlines 1270, Dallas to Vancouver

July 6: Air Canada 8421, Kelowna to Vancouver 

July 6: Air Canada 126, Vancouver to Calgary (rows 17-23)

July 7: United Airlines 375, San Francisco to Vancouver 

July 8: Air Canada 0064, Seoul to Vancouver

July 8: Aeromexico 696, Mexico City to Vancouver (rows 22 to 16)

July 8: Air Canada 311, Montreal to Vancouver

July 10: Delta 3569, Vancouver to Seattle

July 11: American Airlines 1415, Dallas to Vancouver

July 12: Air Canada 214, Vancouver to Calgary

July 13: Air Canada 111, Toronto to Vancouver 

July 13: Air Canada 8073, Vancouver to Victoria

July 13: Air Canada AC112, Vancouver for Toronto 

July 15: Aeromexico 696, Mexico City to Vancouver (rows 23-29) 

July 17: Aeromexico 696, Mexico City to Vancouver

July 17: Air Canada 855, London to Vancouver (rows 26-32)



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