Health care professionals excel with cutting edge technology support

PainPRO Clinics puts people first by doing everything possible to make today better than yesterday for both patients and healthcare professionals. 

“Our collaborative care culture provides patients with the best healing cycle,” says Ryan Desrochers, Chief Marketing Officer, painPRO Clinics. “Our therapists are equipped with the knowledge to provide premium care, building personalized treatment plans with careful consideration of individual needs.”

If you are a patient looking to have pain treated, painPRO provides the best experience from top to bottom with personalized wellness plans to treat a variety of conditions.

But that’s not all.

Employers can book lunch and learns and on-site care to proactively keep the workforce healthy and pain free, too. The goal is to support employee health and provide easy access to enhanced care.

No two patients are the same, and painPRO recognizes that. Each patient can have a personalized treatment plan that incorporates one or many of the services offered at the clinic.

“We provide just in time delivery of health care, if you call today we want to get you in today, as treatment is determined to be most effective with timely delivery of services,” says Desrochers.

If you are a practitioner, painPRO Clinics also supports healthcare professionals with comprehensive education that will create opportunities for better service delivery and patient outcomes.

“We are here to support business services for practitioners,” says Desrochers. “We handle everything from A-Z when it comes to supporting growth in your practice.

“We focus on the practitioner’s ability to enhance the patient’s experience and wellness. This way, they can focus on the healing of their patients and maintain them as the number one priority.”

PainPRO partners with regulated healthcare professionals and supports their clinical practice and patients with top tier business services.

Effective therapy is available at painPRO when you need it. The services they offer include registered massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, kinesiology, active rehabilitation and functional fitness.

“Inspiring positive change through education, innovation, and selfless service to improve the lives of people who depend on us is what matters most.”

By removing all of the external challenges in patient care and fostering positive outcomes for others, painPRO supports practitioners who, in turn, can support their patients.

With six locations across Metro Vancouver and online booking services, painPRO takes the hassle away so you can focus on making improvements, visit their website to learn more.