Plant-based nuggets being tested out in these Burnaby eateries

Chris Campbell

Chicken nuggets – my daughter Emily loved them.

When we struggled to get her to eat anything, we could always serve up some nuggets. Yeah, I know, not the best plan.

But sometimes you just want your little one to eat something until the finicky phase was over.

We did, however, try to stay away from McNuggets – back then they were even worse than the white meat McNuggets that are available now.

Nuggets have been surprisingly controversial, at least in parenting circles. I can recall more than a few moms giving me the side eye when I served my daughter nuggets. A couple of parents also made a point of saying they would NEVER serve them to their precious ones. I dunno, maybe they are better parents than me.

Now, there are plant-based nuggets hit Burnaby plates. Beginning Monday, A&W’s new plant-based nuggets will be offered in restaurants in Ontario and B.C. "while supplies last."

“These crispy and savoury nuggets are the first plant-based nuggets to be offered by a QSR in Canada,” said a news release.

So, try them out and let me know what you think. Does being plant-based make them healthier? I don’t know but it sounds better.

Perhaps I’ll get Emily to try them and see if she gives the thumbs up.

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