Richmond resident warns pet owners of coyotes

A Richmond resident is warning pet owners to keep their furry companions indoors, especially at night, with recent coyote sightings.

Andrew Caras has noticed an increase in missing pet posters in the area of No. 1 and Williams roads and is assuming the worst knowing there is a pack of coyotes roaming around the area.

Caras encountered a coyote in “broad daylight” when one jumped out onto the road while he was driving and ran across the street.

“I literally had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting it, and it didn’t seem phased one bit,” said Caras, adding it just kept going on its way like he “wasn’t even there.”

He told the Richmond News that he heard a pack of coyotes, possibly five or six, howling and going crazy on Wednesday around 11 p.m. near Manoah Steves School Park.

“I wanted to see what was happening, but the area in the park was pitch black and I was alone and didn’t want to put myself in a situation where I could get attacked, so I walked back home cautiously and that was it,” said Caras.

“For those who love to go for an evening stroll, please keep away from crossing through the middle path at the park,” he added.

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