Vancouver is the most expensive city for 'date night' in Canada

Can you guess what a typical date costs in this city?

Elite Singles recently released a list of the most expensive cities for ‘date night’ in Canada.

The dating service defined a typical date night as involving, “a mid-range dinner for two, a shared bottle of wine, two movie tickets, and an 8km taxi ride home,” From there, they looked at the average prices for each item and determined that an average Canadian date will put you back roughly $125 – yikes!

What’s more, they state that Vancouver is the country’s most expensive city for date night.

“A typical date in Vancouver costs $149, making a date night in the city $24 more expensive than the average,” reads the article.

Looking for a cheaper date? You might want to head to Winnipeg, where the dating service says you can expect to pay roughly $117 for a date.

Date Night in Canada

Vancouver, BC: $149
Toronto, ON: $142
Calgary, AB: $130
Hamilton, ON: $120
Montreal, QC: $119
Ottawa, ON: $119
Quebec City, QC: $119
Edmonton, AB: $118
Halifax, NS: $117
Winnipeg, MB: $116

With these soaring prices in mind, it could still be a great deal worse. For example, the dating service states that, “Oslo is in fact the world’s most expensive city for a romantic date night. A typical date in the Norwegian capital costs an eye-watering $221 CAD.”

Nevertheless, there are still a number of places where dating is markedly cheaper in the world, according to Elite Singles. For instance, it states that a couple may enjoy a date in Istanbul at a pleasant $40, with a Mumbai date costing only slightly more at $46 a date.