Letter: We don't need to replace the Pattullo Bridge


Re: Improving 10th Avenue to move traffic thought New Westminster.

New Westminster has to stop the traffic moving through. This can be done by making the current Pattullo Bridge three lanes, two being for north and south cars and the third for bicycles and emergency vehicles only with no freight trucks allowed.

The Pattullo is an "iconic structure" which has recently had millions of dollars spent on "rehabilitation" and is younger than the Burrard Bridge and one year older than the Lion's Gate Bridge - all it needs is a paint job.

This past winter due to "snow bombs" on the Port Mann and Alex Fraser, it was the only safe way to cross the Fraser. I believe the design of the new bridge will be similar to those two.

The billions spent on a new bridge plus the cost of removing the old one would go a long way to extend SkyTrain to Langley and South Surrey, which would take many, many cars out of travelling through New Westminster. 

Pattullo Bridge replacement
Conceptual renderings of the bridge that will replace today's Pattullo Bridge, which runs between New Westminster and Surrey. - Contributed/Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

I use the Pattullo Bridge often and am not afraid of its safety. Anyone who is concerned about the safety of the current bridge can use the other two crossings. It is time to put a stop to replacing the current Pattullo Bridge.

Geraldine Harder-Anderson, New Westminster

Editor’s note: TransLink has been on record as saying the current Pattullo Bridge is seismically unsafe and vulnerable to wind storms, which are some of the main drivers for its replacement. The new bridge will also include separated lanes for pedestrians and cyclists. The Burrard Bridge is five years older than the Pattullo.

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