B.C. couple devastated after adorable puppy killed by baited metal trap

A 10-month-old Australian Shepherd mix has died after being caught in a metal trap on a B.C. trail.

The puppy, named Shasta, was enjoying a stroll with her owners as well as their other dog when she picked up a scent on a trail on the Trozzo Creek forest service road. She followed the scent up to a baited Conibear trap that was only a short distance from her family; that’s when tragedy struck and the metal trap snapped down on the puppy.

Shasta’s owners fought for ten minutes to remove the trap from the struggling puppy’s head, but it was too late. They carried her lifeless body home to remove the trap.

B.C. puppy dies

Now, The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals is calling for the Government of British Columbia to “immediately enact a trap warning sign system that requires trappers to post bright, visible signage at all access points when traps are within 20 metres of a street, service road, trail, pathway, or other publicly accessible area.”

According to the organization, traps kill several dogs in the province yearly. What’s more, these traps are often near publicly accessible roads or trails, baited, and unmarked. Kids and dogs may frequent these areas and the public is totally unaware of the dangers.

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