Business Excellence Awards: Richmond's Layfield is greenest of them all

Headquartered in Richmond, the Layfield Group is a privately held, family-owned, diversified group of companies that manufactures, fabricates, installs and distributes its polymer-based products.

Over their 40-plus years of growth and expansion, they have evolved from one location as a small rigid plastic fabricator, to becoming one of North America’s leading environmental containment company and market leader in sustainable, flexible packaging.

They now have over 400 employees in four Canadian and two USA locations, plus operations in Adelaide and Brisbane, Australia.   

Through innovation, not imitation, Layfield develops industry-leading sustainable products to protect our environment, food, and our water.

At the same time, Layfield is strategically focusing on achieving their corporate goal of having zero waste at all their facilities by 2025.

Their Flexible Films division was the first Canadian company to introduce a sustainable end of life solution for laminated flexible packaging products, called BioFlex.

Also, the environmental containment division is the industry leader in developing and producing high-performance geomembranes to contain and protect our most precious resource, drinking water.

Layfield has participated in many large, high-profile world-class environmental protection projects across Canada, the United States, and Australia.


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