Watch this awesome pixel art SkyTrain video made by a tourist (VIDEO)

Metro Vancouver’s Expo Line turned 34 this week

A pixel artist out of Bellingham shared a video they created of the SkyTrain and Vancouverites are loving it. 

Shown from the perspective under the Main Street SkyTrain Station, the video shows the trains moving back and forth. Science World can also be spotted in the distance, as well as some buildings, vegetation and an intersection. 

Posted onto Vancouver Reddit on Thursday, ryano357 remarked how, "I visited Vancouver this summer, up from Washington, and I made some pixel art of the Skytrain!" By Friday it had been up voted a whopping 2,737 times and had 107 comments. 

A number of people remarked that they loved seeing the artistic rendering of the transit system, and a couple wished it was a video game. However, one cheeky commenter quipped, "Blue sky, lol."

The poster also shared the video to their Instagram account, captioning, "Public transit is beautiful, still waiting on a super train from Vancouver to Portland. I guess Vancouver's Sky train will do for now."

A highlight of Expo '86, Vancouver's SkyTrain opened on Dec. 11, 1985, offering free service for the first eight days. As such, the transportation system turned 34 on Wednesday

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