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Hello again fans of the best zombie novels who can't get enough good free must read online web books, and are also into a collection of horror fiction ebooks that you can't put down. Thanks again for sharing and recommending Maple Leaf Zombies - terrifying tales from Canada!


It's for anyone who enjoys zombie apocalypse web fiction or just likes to have a good read! Based in Delta in British Columbia, Canada, and on our newspaper publication's website, these zombie stories are in an easy to read online book format, with illustrations, for your computer or mobile device. Our series is especially fun for anyone into apocalyptic books, comics, ebooks or graphic novels, including the old classics, like Night of the Living Dead, as well as the newer classics like The Walking Dead and others. Be sure to bookmark onto your desktop our directory page to catch every free episode! All the episodes are on there, read at your own leisure. There's no annyoing downloading or sign ups either! http://www.delta-optimist.com/maple-leaf-zombies



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