EXTRA EDITION 2: Warning: Graphic Content



Guess what clones, it’s time to do another jump into the future episode. Don’t worry, it’s not a long one.

It’s another day in paradise. All right, we’re being a little facetious but oh well.


Slowly shuffling by a VCR repair shop is a lone plague monster, its eyes with that grotesque film and staring blankly up toward the pee pee sky. This reanimated dead thing used to be a girl, a teen named Laila who had big aspirations to be a comic book artist. She used to be one heck of a soccer player too.


After the crap hit the fan, and her family all died quickly from the nasty death bug, she found herself hold up in her high school with several other teens thinking they’d be safe if they just stuck together. Well, that group ended up having some big-time problems, prompting the girl to make a run for it.


She got out but ended up learning the hard way that surviving out here on your own is pretty well impossible. Now she’s just another rotting monster. Maybe we’ll get into her backstory later if we’re up for it. 


Anyways, something strange, even for this unfathomable world, occurs, something irresistible.

The girl corpse is drawn by some phantom force to go in another direction, calling to her.


The dead girl, pieces of her flesh dripping onto the ground, has no choice to blindly obey. It doesn’t take long for her to join another group of undead that are also drawn by the same apparition, and soon they’re joined by an even larger group that merge with thousands of other growling and screeching monsters surrounding a Safeway store. Remember?


It’s where our three men have barricaded themselves and are on the roof, completely surrounded with no visible way to exit in one piece. The discoloured monsters are all reaching up, all wanting to get their putrid hands at these poor schnooks. This is pretty messed up.

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Controlling the dead through some bizarre form of telepathy is that character in the parking lot who’s covering their face with the welder’s mask and goggles.


On the roof, the three look down in disbelief, finding this all too ridiculous to be real. The head of this bunch, a former hockey star, Fred Hall, tells his colleagues, an army man and an ex-priest, to relax, take it easy, it’ll be fine. Really?


“He can’t control them for long. Not even him. He’s burning through a lot of energy, you know. Let’s just wait him out!” he says reassuringly.


“Are you kidding me, look at that, there’s too many of them. This is it, you know. This is really it!” one of the men counters, sounding pretty well defeated.

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Hall then sits with his legs crossed and leans back. “Ummmm, no, we’re fine, fine where we are. It’s cool. This is nothing!”


“OK, Fred, whatever you say, I guess. Not that we have much of a choice,” the army guy responds, not convinced in the slightest.


Suddenly, you guess it, salvation. That’s right! Those lucky buggers catch a big break when 70s music blares from a pair a mega speakers propped up and tied to the roof of a rusty white van. What’s got the flesh eaters distracted is the Fleetwood Mac tune Go Your Own Way, a song Hall never cared for in the old world but just loves to bits right now.

The van in the distance slowly pulls away, drawing the monsters to follow.


The freak in the welder’s mask is incensed, its cold-hearted dispatch has been broken. There’s nothing it can do as whoever is driving that damned vehicle is successfully pulling the army of rot away.


“This is it, boys, come on! He’s come through! Atta boy. Let’s go!” he tells the men.


They’re momentarily relieved but feel it’s important to tell the hockey star not go on about how they should put their skates on. As far as what's next, these dudes aren’t out of the soup just yet.


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