Where to invest? This forum explores exciting new companies

If you follow the daily news, you might be concerned about the uncertainty of global markets. The trade war between the two largest economies in the world has been grabbing a lot of headlines.

At NAI Interactive Ltd., the team of market researchers looks beyond the day-to-do fluctuations to find the companies of the future.

On October 5, the company is hosting its 20th annual Global Chinese Financial Forum at the Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport. The day-long conference gives entry level investors the opportunity to hear from CEOs of an invited collection of companies that have caught NAI’s eye.

“We pick out stories and watch market trends about what’s attractive to the investment community and what’s on the upswing of the markets,” says Gilbert Chan, the president and one of the founders of NAI Interactive. “A lot of market movements trade off what’s happening every day in the news but in general the market is still relatively healthy. We are not by any means in a recession yet. Investors should focus more on the mid- to long-term approach.”

That’s where NAI’s expertise come into play at GCFF. “We look at what’s doing well and what’s not. We invite companies in the positive spectrum to present their stories, as well as experts in the various markets. It’s a good opportunity to learn more about the latest trends in the investment world.”

Of particular interest to Chan is smaller companies that have higher growth potential. “Yes, there’s higher risk but high risk/high reward is what we focus on.”

Tech companies are certainly of interest. “The excitement in the future is to think about all the new advances in technology,” he says.

“This new technology is helping our daily lives. At GCFF, investors can learn about some of these technology firms. Because of the platform approach, we are not telling people what to do. Investors have to do their homework, talk to their investment advisor and make their own final decision.”

Over the past 20 years of hosting GCFF, Chan’s company has earned the trust of small cap investors. To say thank you to the community, NAI will be donating a portion of the day’s proceeds to the Richmond Hospital Foundation.

The forum is free to attend if you register in advance, with a $20 fee for those who wish to attend the day of. Click here to register now and reserve your free seat. 

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