Time to finish your degree

Life’s journey doesn’t come with a pause button, and you can’t go back in time.

But Trinity Western University (TWU) has the next best thing thanks to its Adult Degree Completion Program, which is offered at the Richmond campus.

“The issue is a lot of adults have busy lives, with full-time work and family commitments,” said Mark Halvorson, Associate Dean of the Bachelor of Arts in Leadership program at TWU. “While they may have had some post-secondary education over time, which helped them get started in their careers, they can feel stuck if they didn’t finish their degrees. And they can’t simply hit pause in their lives or go back to full-time university studies.”

That can leave you feeling frustrated because you are competent and have developed a level of success in your field. “But at the same time, they see their peers advancing around them,” Halvorson added. “So, what we did was create a format for finishing a degree that allows adults to finish their coursework one night a week in a six-weeks accelerated format. In as little as 18 months, depending on their incoming transfer credits, a student can finish his/her degree.” All the while that allows the student ample time to keep up with his/her other commitments.

As for who is enrolling, it covers a large demographic.

“Our students are culturally diverse and span all levels of work experience from younger working adults to adults with long work histories,” Halvorson said. “They may have collected a certificate here, or a few courses there, but they fall short of a full degree.”

“From what they have, we create a customized learning plan that links the programs and schools they’ve attended and the coursework we offer for them to earn a degree.”

To gain access to the program, students must be 23 or older with two to three years of workplace experience. The degree they work towards is a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership, a discipline which is geared towards succeeding in the workplace.

“With a focus on the workplace, it will give them skills they can use in everyday situations to maximize their contributions,” Halvorson said.

For more information about TWU’s Adult Degree Completion Program, or to attend an info session in Richmond on May 28, 2019, visit online at go.twu.ca/finishyourdegree10.


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