This Richmond eatery offers fabulous Indian cuisine

When Tandoori Kona opens its new restaurant in Hinton, Alberta, there’s no doubt that some of the customers will be from Richmond.

Any Tandoori Kona aficionado who is travelling through the Rockies will be sure to stop there for lunch or dinner. They will know that the Indian dishes they love at the Richmond location will be the same at whatever Tandoori Kona they visit.

The restaurant prides itself on its consistency. Because chef and owner Raj Kumar trains all of his chefs to follow his tried-and-true recipes, customers at every location enjoy the same Tandoori Kona taste experience.

This consistency has helped create a loyal following for the restaurant, which Chef Raj has owned since 2002. Patrons know that if they love a dish this week, they’ll enjoy exactly the same flavours when they return, whether it’s the next day or five years from now.

In fact, Chef Raj loves to tell the story of one of his customers who dropped by the Cambie Road location on the way to the airport. When the customer was on the plane and opened his take-out lunch, the man next to him said, “That smells like Tandoori Kona food.”

“It’s the flavour,” Chef Raj says. “Our cooking is based on onion, ginger and garlic. They bring out the flavour of the food itself.”

It’s important to Chef Raj that his food is both delicious, without using a lot of spices, and healthy. He minimizes the amount of oil and fats his chefs use in the recipes. His

Basmati rice is especially high in quality. “If customers are healthy then we are healthy,” he says.

Along with a menu of traditional favourites, Tandoori Kona — Kona means “corner” in Hindi — also offers daily specials. That means there’s no use of leftovers the next day — everything is fresh and prepared that day.

The prices are very reasonable, which makes Tandoori Kona the go-to place for many people who live and work in the area.

Building on the success of his Richmond location, Chef Raj has opened two more Tandoori Kona locations, in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, along with the soon-to-open brand new location in Hinton.

Tandoori Kona’s Richmond location at 11700 Cambie Road is open seven days a week. Call 604-279-9259 to order take-out or make a reservation. You can also check out its menu and order food here.

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