The school year is just around the corner – go back to class with your best smile

Taking pride in your smile is important no matter what your age is.

A smile conveys friendliness, gratitude and openness. It is a simple gesture that goes a long way in showing appreciation for someone or something. Smiles connect us, they inspire us and they are a conductor of positivity and wellness.

As summer closes and kids head back to school, there is no better time for a check-up than before the busyness of our responsibilities takes over the fall months. As we settle back into our routines, it is important to check in with ourselves and our overall health before we are too distracted.

Every smile is unique and while nobody should feel the need to adhere to any requirement, proper oral maintenance is vital in order to keep teeth healthy and deter expansive dental bills that can strap people down as we get older.

And, a confident smile can help make new friends, encourage conversation and portray a positive sense of welcome, which can be a great source of relief when heading back to school.

At Blundell Dental, a team of experienced professionals are happy to cater to your every need. With dental care options available for the whole family, as well as a plethora of individual treatment options, the experts at Blundell Dental will find you the best choice for maximum results.

Blundell specializes in family dentistry and serves patients ranging from toddlers to seniors. By choosing to focus on a holistic approach to dentistry, the experts at Blundell are here to teach patients about maintaining consistent oral health in order to promote positive health habits and well-being.

No matter what your concern is, Blundell Dental will help you find the treatment you are looking for.

Blundell Dental is open Monday through Saturday and bills directly to most dental insurance companies. The office is located at 8180 No. 2 Road, Richmond, B.C.

If you are interested in hearing more about what Blundell Dental can do for you, please call 604-271-8464 or visit the website.

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