The Maple Residences: independent living for active seniors

Many seniors find that isolation becomes an issue when neighbourhoods change or friends move away. All-inclusive residences such as The Maples give seniors the opportunity to keep their independence and active lives, while enjoying the company of others.

"I always liken The Maples to a cruise ship," says Eileen Campbell, Assistant Manager/Marketing at The Maple Residences. "Except, we've just docked in Steveston and we're not going anywhere else."

With a spa, hair and beauty salon offering manicures and pedicures, fitness centre, and happy hour every Tuesdays and Fridays, it's not difficult to follow Eileen's cruise ship analogy.

Eileen is quick to point out that The Maple Residences is an independent living community for active seniors who want their own space in a social environment.

"We're not an old peoples' home and we're not assisted living," she says. "We offer security, socialization, and great recreation programs along with beautiful suites, each with their own outdoor space."

Unit 284 of the Army, Navy, and Air Force Veteran's Club formed the Steveston 284 Seniors' Housing Society in 2009 to provide an integrated community of affordable and accessible, non-profit housing in Richmond. In 2012, the Society opened the doors to The Maple Residences. The concept was so popular that The Maples had a wait list of over 300 people before construction was even finished.

"Seniors' independent living is the way of the future," explains Eileen. "Our residents have an average age of about 83 years, but many are in their seventies and some are over a hundred. They come to keep active and enjoy social connections on their own terms."

To find out more about the Steveston 284 Housing Society and The Maple Residences, visit, call 604.277.4519 or email You can also find The Maples on Facebook and Twitter

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