The KEB Hana Bank Canada advantage

Although it's been well established in Canada for 35 years, KEB Hana Bank Canada is primarily known as an international bank.

And that's not a bad thing, according to Michael Yeung, Assistant Vice-President and General Manager of KEB Hana Bank Canada, Richmond branch.

"As an international bank, we bring a different perspective," he explains. "Vancouver is the Pacific Gateway to Asia and we have many customers who need to transfer money to or from Asian countries. With our international presence and multi-lingual staff, we're able to help. KEB Hana Bank Canada is well-positioned to offer advice and provide services to our customers with international ties."

In addition to its full range of domestic banking products, KEB Hana Bank Canada is also able to offer trade services and letters of credit.

"Another advantage we have at KEB Hana Bank Canada," Michael says, "is our traditional approach to relationship banking. When other banks look at a business from a lending perspective, they have a checklist—and if you don't meet the matrix criteria, they can't help you. When a local bank gets too big, they focus on the mass market."

KEB Hana Bank Canada, on the other hand, prefers to focus on the business and its principles.

"At KEB Hana Bank Canada, when we look at a loan application, we look at it deeply and from the perspective that we want to make it work,” Michael says. “We try to understand the customer's need—whether it’s related to a personal or commercial loan—and help the customer meet that need in the best way possible."

That principle of focusing on the customer's needs is core to the work Michael and his team do at the bank.

"When you come into the Richmond branch,” Michael says, “you can talk to our Relationship Manager and they will make sure that you are well looked after."

For more information on KEB Hana Bank Canada,call 604.285.6340, check their website, or visit the branch at 150-5911 No. 3 Road, Richmond.

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