The extra mile for the perfect tile

There’s a lot to think about when you’re choosing a tile. There are technical details like whether the material will be hardy or slippery, and if it’s stain-resistant. There’s design – how a small or big tile will flatter your space, and how certain colours will look in your light. And then there’s finding out what you look for and what fits your taste.

If you go to a hardware store you might get some guidance. But if you go to a specialist like Tile Town, you’ll get genuine expertise. “Our goal is not just to sell you tile – it’s to improve your quality of life,” says owner, Richmond native Mike Scardina. “We have thousands of options in store, and even more that we can order, but we will curate the choices and help you find the perfect fit for your space and needs.”

The team has always encouraged customers to bring in samples of design elements such as paint and flooring. “Bring the kitchen sink, if you can fit it in your car,” jokes store manager Mark Gantly. You can also bring tile home to see how it works in your lighting. The brand’s new online service, Town Square (see, elevates things further. You create an account and upload photos of your space, swatches and inspiration shots so you can share your vision with your consultant in store.

“It’s all about our goal of delivering excellent customer service – no pushiness or aggressive sales techniques, which is I think why we’ve won multiple Consumer Choice Awards,” says Gantly. “Our new space at Bridgeport Road will be a game changer in that respect. It’s a showroom with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and natural light. There’s a coffee station and we really encourage customers to take their time to shop.”  There are Cantonese and Mandarin speakers on staff too – an important feature in Richmond. “We are committed to participating in the community, through our fundraising work and also our inclusive hiring policy,” says Scardina. “For the past four or five years we’ve employed people with disabilities. They contribute a lot to the company and it’s incredible to witness the way they grow and become more independent.”

Tile Town has relocated to 120-12591 Bridgeport Road. Find out more at, or call 604-273-6721.

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