Sylvan Learning Centre, Richmond: tutoring programs for every child

"Learning should be fun," says Jade Chan, Centre Director at Sylvan Learning Centre. She's passionate that academic tutoring need not be boring, repetitive, or punitive.

"I believe in a student-centred approach to education that supports kids learning at their own pace," she explains. "Learning programs need to be constantly adjusted to each child's needs, whether they are gifted students or find some aspects of education challenging."

Jade specifically chose the Sylvan Learning Centre because it shares her passion. She feels it's the ideal place to put her own education to good use.

"I have a degree in linguistics with a minor in special education and ESL learning," she says, "along with a certificate in education for teaching grades K – 12."

Sylvan Learning Centre began in the United States more than 30 years ago and expanded into B.C., first in Surrey and then Richmond. With approximately 120 students at any given time, the Richmond campus prides itself on a low teacher to student ratio.

"We have one teacher for every three students," Jade explains. "That way, students are able to receive more attention and support, but they can also develop their independence and social skills."

Academic programs are carefully tailored to each individual child. Sylvan Learning Centre tutors keep in frequent contact with parents to discuss the changing needs of their child and any areas they feel should be addressed.

"We provide monthly conferences for parents and also have regular conversations with students about how they're doing at school and what they think their strengths and weaknesses are. And we celebrate every small success to keep kids motivated and interested in learning."

 To find out more about the Sylvan Learning Centre, Richmond, visit, call 604.273.3266 or email  You can also find Sylvan Learning Centre on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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